Dumpster Cats Recue Leage - Giovanni for adoptionUPDATE: GIOVANNI HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!!  CLICK HERE to see other kitties that need loving homes.

Beautiful markings on this active, loving cat who runs with a limp.  Giovanni has been fostered almost from birth and is very socialized.

The vet said his leg must have been broken when he was born.  It probably got tangled up while coming out of the birth canal.

When he was old enough to start learning to walk, his foster family noticed there was something odd about his leg and that it looked longer than normal but she couldn’t really tell until he was old enough to walk and run around.

The vet looked the kitten over and said the leg had healed up but would always be deformed.  In all other respects Giovanni is healthy.  The leg does not bother him at all–he runs and plays just like any other kitten.  CLICK HERE to fill out an adoption application and we will contact you immediately!

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